Granny Sally                                     5

    Delicious gluten free granola, organic greek yoghurt/ coconut         yoghurt, berries and chia seeds and drizzled with honey


Sourdough toast            

    with homemade preserves/honey/chocolate almond

                             spread/ marmite        3

    with anchovy, rosemary & lemon zest butter            4

    with avocado, lime and chilli                    5


Eggs Eggs Baby                                    5

    Poached/Fried/Scrambled on sourdough toast


The Whole Enchilada                                8

    2 eggs, organic dry cured bacon, gluten free organic pork sausage, 

    mushrooms, oven roast tomato, avocado, sourdough toast


Vegemighty                                        8

    2 eggs, grilled haloumi, wilted baby spinach, mushrooms, oven roast     tomato, avocado, sourdough toast


Uncle Buck                                        8

    Our famous buckwheat pancakes topped with seasonal toppings


Weekend in Paris                                    8

    French toast with berry compote & creme fraiche 


Benny & Joon                                    8

    Classic Eggs Benedict on sourdough toast with 

        organic dry cured bacon and hollandaise sauce

        or wilted baby spinach                    7

        or smoked salmon                            8



Why not add some yummy. . .



    1.3                                                     2                                                               2.5


Free range egg            Organic dry cured bacon        Smoked Salmon

Mushrooms                Gluten free organic pork

Oven roasted tomato            sausage

Wilted baby spinach        Grilled Haloumi cheese













Sandwiches                                        4


Farmer Brown:

    Mature farmhouse cheddar, gypsy ham, tomato, orchard chutney,         resting in a wood fired sourdough baguette


Young Betty:

    roast chicken, avocado, homemade mayo, pesto, rocket and blushing     tomatoes nestled in a wood fired sourdough baguette


Phoebe Buffet:

    grilled vegetables, feta cheese, blushing tomatoes, nestled under     fresh rocket leaves in a wood fired sourdough baguette


Panini                                        4.5


The Italian job:

    Salami, mozzarella, grilled peppers, rocket


The Classic beauty:

    Mozzarella, tomato, pesto and fresh basil


Gertrude the goat:

    Goat’s cheese, grilled veg, blushing tomatoes


Chicken vs Pig:

    Roast chicken, bacon, homemade mayo and salad leaves



Wrap it up. . .                                    4.5



    Hoummous,carrot, crisp lettuce, tzatziki


Veg out:

    Grilled haloumi, grilled veg, baby spinach



    Roast chicken, homemade mayo, avocado, salad




Soup of the day. . .                                3

    served with sourdough bread and butter





Low Carb and Gluten free options available, please speak to a member of staff. . . 




Burgers                                        7


Le Boeuf: 

    Homemade Beef Burger, mature cheddar cheese and Maple bourbon bacon     jam, crisp lettuce, tomato and homemade mayo


Le Poulet:

    Homemade Chicken Burger,with jerk spices, grilled pineapple, crisp     lettuce, tomato and homemade mayo


Les légumes:

    Homemade veggie burger made of beetroot and quinoa, avocado, red         onion, jalapeños ,crisp lettuce, tomato 


    add fries. . .            1.5

    add sweet potato fries    2







Crazy Cobb:                                7

    Roast chicken, bacon, tomato, egg, avocado, crisp lettuce, drenched     in a homemade blue cheese dressing 


Rainbow:                                    7

    Roast beetroot, roast butternut squash, tomato, baby spinach,         walnuts, goat’s cheese, mixed leaves and a balsamic dressing



Buffalo Soldier:                                8

    Parma Ham, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, baby leaves, artichokes,         dressed with pesto and a touch of balsamic





Daily Specials. . .

    Everyday we make yummy specials with fresh produce, please chat         with a member of staff to see what is on offer








Feeling hot, hot, hot. . .


flat white                2.4

cappuccino                2.4

latte                    2.4

long black                2

espresso/double espresso    2

white americana            2.3

hot chocolate            2.6

mocha                    2.6

chai latte                2.6

matcha latte            2.6

pot of tea                2

herbal teas            2.4


    choice of organic milk/homemade almond/hazelnut milk/bonsoy




Homemade iced tea:         3

    peach &strawberry

    lemon & mint

    mango, pineapple & lime




Still/ Sparkling water    1.5


Cold pressed juices:        3

    Green: apple, cucumber, celery, kale & lemon

    Red: beetroot, carrot & apple

    Yellow: grapefruit, orange, apple & lime

    Orange: carrot, orange, fennel &ginger


Smoothies:                3.5

    Brekkie: banana, cocoa nibs, cashew butter, dates, almond milk

    Envy: avocado, apple, spinach, mango, mint

    Loco Coco: mango, pineapple, banana, ginger, lime, coconut milk

    Date line: mixed berries, banana, dates, chia seeds, cashew nuts,  almond milk